7 Bizarre Zillow Houses That We Want to See Listed on Airbnb

Check in...if you dare.

Idly browsing real estate listings has become a pastime unto itself. You click through well-lit photos of homes that have been staged within an inch of their lives. But, every now and then, the cavalcade of subway tile backsplashes and mid-century modern furniture give way to something magical—a house that’s less a home and more of a Dadaist fever dream. Occasionally the internet will come together to rubberneck to ogle at the bizarre architecture or the upsettingly robust assemblage of mannequins or a collection of Christmas decorations so sprawling the homeowners could furnish Hallmark’s annual slate of holiday movies from now until the day the sun collapses in on itself. All of this begs the question…is there any money to be made here? Here are seven infamous Zillow houses that would be successful as Airbnbs.

These 10 Cities Have Some of the Best Juneteenth Celebrations

Black communities have been gathering to celebrate this freedom holiday for decades.

Before 2020, not many people knew about Juneteenth. Despite the deep roots of Black culture in America, this celebration of Black freedom went ignored for decades too long. From Charleston to Tulsa, since being brought to this country in chains, Black folks have always found solace in coming together. Whether it’s weekly fish fries or annual family reunions at the park, many Black families regularly gather to celebrate the right to be free. Each Juneenteenth Black people in cities across the country join in dancing, playing, eating, and honor their ancestors–regardless of how far away freedom may still seem. These 10 cities have some of the best Juneteenth celebrations.

Want to Move Abroad? These 12 Countries Make It Fairly Easy to Do

Thinking of taking your WFH setup abroad? Here's what you need to know.

The year 2020 became a pivotal time for remote work and/or relocation for many people around the world. Nowadays there are different ways to describe travelers who would like to live abroad without depending on local employment opportunities. The most popular titles are digital nomads, digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, or remote workers. We’ve researched and provided tidbits about 12 visas to consider if you’re able to lead a location-independent lifestyle and/or have considerable funds for an extended period of time. While this list is written from the perspective of a U.S. American citizen, be sure to check the official government websites of each country you’re interested in for eligibility, updates, and a complete list of requirements. Please remember that restrictions and allowances may be subject to change at short notice and processing times will vary dramatically. INSIDER TIPFor freelancers or remote workers, it’s best to show that at least the minimum financial requirement is coming from one consistent, solid source.

21 Ultimate Things to Do in Tulum

From sacred sinkholes to boho beach clubs, don't miss out on these 21 things to do, see, and eat while in Tulum.

There’s something magical about Tulum, one of Central America’s most sought-after beach destinations. Sure, it boasts the coveted title of being a Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) of Mexico; however, beyond the title and accolades, there lies auric energy that seemingly surrounds the region. Some believe it’s the after-effects of the asteroid that struck the earth 66 million years ago, in this very area, leading to the extinction of dinosaurs. Myth or magic? You be the judge. However, one thing that is undeniable about this charming town is the richness of Mayan history, its resplendent beaches, lush jungles, and a food scene that will have you coming back to Tulum for seconds and thirds. Here are some of the best things to do in Tulum during your visit.